Sandblast Nozzles

20180302084211161.pngThrough intensive design and development, and with supports from European senior specialists, Cutstar is the largest manufacturer of high quality sandblasting nozzles in the world, supplying full range of sandblasting Nozzle Liners and Finished Nozzles, such as Long Venturi Nozzle, Angle Nozzles, Spin Blast Nozzles, Stickup Nozzles, Hollow Blast Nozzles, Double Venturi Nozzles, Water Jet Nozzles, etc. Beside tungsten carbide and silicon carbide, undivided Venturi Boron Carbide nozzles are available too. If Cutstar’s standard nozzles cannot meet customer’s exact needs, our nozzle specialist would be happy to supply any customized solution.








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